Aussie Builders surprise public with loud empowering statements in new Snickers Australia Ad.

omg guys please stop even reblogging this you’re giving Snickers publicity that it totally doesn’t deserve because this pops up at the end:


These guys yelling feminist statements at random (and I assume unsuspecting) women are literally the butt of the joke. This commercial is actually really depressing because you can tell all the women are expecting yet another cat calling, and when it’s not what they expect they completely light up and look super happy. But Snickers considers this “unnatural behavior” that can and should be fixed. By eating their product. Snickers is trash and this comment pretty much sums it up:


(via thefeministkilljoy)


"A questa domanda, da ragazzi, i miei amici davano sempre la stessa risposta: "La fessa". Io, invece, rispondevo: "L’odore delle case dei vecchi". La domanda era: "Che cosa ti piace di più veramente nella vita?" Ero destinato alla sensibilità. Ero destinato a diventare uno scrittore. Ero destinato a diventare Jep Gambardella."

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